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Mental Health Awareness

Suitable for everyone

This half day/3 hour course is an excellent introduction to the subject of Mental Health.  Guided by our licensed instructor, participants will work through interactive course materials to develop their understanding of mental illness, mental health and how the two differ. 


The course will enable participants to:


  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of poor mental health

  • Understand the effects of stigma on individuals experiencing poor mental health

  • Understand what depression and anxiety are and the effects they can have on a person

  • Understand the impact of suicide in the UK and Republic of Ireland

  • Learn basic tips for supporting someone

  • Understand more about self-care and implement self-care strategies


Workbooks are provided to accompany this course and upon completion participants will receive a certificate from MHFA Wales.

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*Please be aware that due to the sensitive topics being discussed during the training, it is recommended that participants have an appropriate level of well-being before attending.

Whilst sharing experiences can benefit the raining experience, participants must be aware that this is not intended as a therapy session.  This is for the comfort of all participants.

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